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Self-explanatory. Any comments, queries, concerns about how I play him? Anything about him that's off that you think I can fix? Suggestions are allowed too, for anything from major events to just people he should talk to--my ideas are lame half the time, so. Yeah.

Anon commenting enabled, all comments screened, and IP logging turned off is it turned off? yeah, it's turned off.

[random rp post] [still in DA-verse] yeah fuck you I can too make RP posts after HTTYD shorts
I am bored as hell dude
[As with anyone, there are days when Hiccup really, really enjoys his classes. And then there are days when he really, really doesn't. He simply can't get used to sitting still in a room full of fluorescent lights, just listening to a teacher. He needs to do something, needs to occupy his hands as well as his mind.

Which is why he's currently abandoned his huge mound of homework and is now outside, trying to climb up a tree (harder than you'd think, when one foot is unyielding metal), with varying levels of success with each attempt to get up there.

Encounter him?
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So, what's this HLJ thing, anyway?

Well, I'm glad you asked! HLJ is an abbreviation for Hiccup L. Jackson, because he must be referred to on a full name basis and I'm too lazy to type his full name out all the time. As for who Hiccup L. Jackson is...he has a rich history.

Not really.

He was birthed on this post, due to me not understanding that everyone was commenting ICly and then just rolling with it.

He then made a few more appearances on dear_mun, such as this post. Nothing too big.

Then voodoo event happened. And cars exploded. Among other things. Which resulted in broken feet.

And then there was a Hiccup vs. Hiccup battle.

And so that's why there's a picture of Hiccup shooting a Santa hat on his profile! Who knows what wacky, exploding, badass-motherfucking antics he'll get up to next? When they happen, though, I'll be sure to update this post. Because an archive for his threads and posts was long overdue.

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here, have a long meme!Collapse )

yeah there are some spoilers in here WATCH OUT FOR THOSE

❦ basics
name: Hiccup (Horrendous Haddock III, but we don't need that last bit, really)
age: ...uh. 14-ish?
Gender: male
Movie/series: How To Train Your Dragon (the movie)
year or position: 8th grade
Non-Speaking Animal Companion(if any): Toothless!
Powers(if any): the power of A PROSTHETIC LEG! Other than that, nada.

❦ In depth:
Personality: Despite general public opinion at the start of the film, Hiccup was as much a viking as anyone else in Berk—he just didn't have the brute strength to back it up. He was just about as courageous and bold and stubborn as anyone else, and, at the start of the film, just as eager to kill a dragon as anyone else. He simply didn't have the means to back those traits up the traditional viking way. Only when he began riding with Toothless does it become clear that he can be pretty fearless and also has damn good survival (and overall) instincts.

Instead of strength, though, Hiccup has a hell of a lot of sarcasm, intelligence, and a knack for the creative and inventive. He is constantly making snarky comments, even when he feels horrible, possibly as a defense mechanism to the extremely hostile attitude everyone has towards him (but that's getting too much into sikowanalysis). He also managed to figure out why Toothless couldn't fly rather quickly, and created a sturdy artificial fin that fit just right and worked just right from scratch! I think that qualifies him as some sort of inventing genius.

Hiccup also has leadership and strategic qualities, most obvious when he leads and gives orders to the other kids when fighting the Green (Red? I don't even know) Death. He can think quickly on his feet, improvising a plan using whatever tiny, seemingly inconsequential knowledge he picked up here and there. Tl;dr, he's really resourceful.

Hiccup is also not the most sociable of people and can also come across as just plain awkward in general. Fidgety, not always great at communicating himself in words...he's gotten much better, no doubt, but being the most hated guy in town your whole life will leave you with a general lack of social skills.

Canon Background: BAM!

AU Background: Canon info is unchanged. Shortly after Hiccup woke up after his battle with the Red Death, a dark mist started forming over the horizons. Any dragon or viking who flew off to check it out never came back. That's when the people of Berk realized this mist was bad news and wanted to take it out somehow and get the other villagers back.

Not long after, Hiccup received a letter asking him to come to some sort of academy that claimed to have information on the mist, and a solution. Both curious about the mist and about what, exactly, a school was if it wasn't just dragon training, Hiccup 'talked' it over with Toothless. Neither of them was opposed to the idea, so they decided to go to this “school.”

Appearance: Like this, except his left leg has been replaced with this.
Best Subject: training dragons. (THIS WILL BE A CLASS, IF NOT AT LEAST A CLUB)
How long have they been at the school(remember this school is from kindergarten on): brand new--first year!
Relationships with other characters:
Toothless--bromance forever.

❦ Permissions
Kissing/hugging/etc: go for it!
Injuries: go for it, but you'll have a homicidal dragon on you.
Killing: go for it, but you'll have a homicidal dragon on you.
Mindreading/memory wiping/etc.: mindreading is fine, but anything more (like memory wiping) I'd like to talk about first.


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